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Recent Updates & Developments

Below is a round up of the major updates and important developments at Rhino-Rack that have taken place on the 1st of November, 2013. You will find all the details you need to be aware of including videos and useful downloads. Please contact your Rhino-Rack Sales Manager if you have any further queries.

New VORTEX Roof Rack Systems


Rhino-Rack is pleased to announce the introduction of our new VORTEX Roof Rack Systems.

This is our strongest, quietest and most versatile roof rack developed with all the mounting features compatible with Rhino-Rack accessories.

This system not only allows you to hold the MOST extensive range of Roof Rack Systems, but offers it with significantly LESS inventory and LESS space requirements in your store. What's more, you can NOW order in Component form or as a complete system via Article Numbers.

PACKAGING - apart from the major convenience of our simplified system, Rhino-Rack brings you these new offerings in the latest corporate colour scheme and stylish packaging to make it easy to identify branding and content.

  • All SXB, SXBS and SRB systems have been converted to an SX system
  • All DA / DH bar and leg systems have been converted to VA / RB with RLK legs
  • New packaging is available for all VORTEX and HD 2500 Roof Rack Systems
  • New VORTEX 2500 Fitting Instructions are available

For indepth information regarding these new systems, download the following PDF.


Conversion Tables

The following tables match old part combinations with their newer equivalents and covers DA, DH and SX systems. An Excel spreadsheet which calculates your required parts is also available via the below link.


Download VA Conversion Table

Article Numbers

Rhino-Rack has introduced the use of Article Numbers into the business. An article number will be defined as a Alpha numeric code used to identify the kitting of multiple parts. Article numbers will use an Alpha numeric 6 digit code: For Example JA0001, JA0002, JA0003 and so on. The cost of a Roof Rack Article will be the sum of its parts and quantities.

For more info on Article numbers check out the Article Number Explainer Video.

Also available for download is a spread sheet of all current article numbers that you can use as a reference or you can use to import into your systems.

Download Spreadsheet

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