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Scott Newble has recently opened up the first Opposite Lock store in NZ. He carries a wide array of good solid 4x4 equipment and accessories. Amongst this range he has a good selection of Rhino-Rack gear both on display and in stock on the shelf.

He is widely experienced in the Rhino brand having spent many years dealing the product in Australia until his recent return home. This experience therefore allows him  to offer sound advice on the best rack for the job.   Opposite Lock can provide and fit any Rhino-Rack product from a set of kayak carriers on a passenger sedan, a full on ladder rail system on a tradies van or ute to a Pioneer platform to the most  serious 4x4 SUV.  

Stock is on hand to suit most requirements or can be sourced the same day if needed. Always keen to please these guys take pride in their work and are easily located in the area with ample parking.


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