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Imitation is the Greatest Form of Flattery?

  • 15 May 2019
  • Rhino-Rack
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We don’t believe that expression always holds true, and neither should you. With replicas or copies of our original roof rack leg design now being sold in New Zealand, we would like to highlight the fact that what may look like a Rhino-Rack may not, in fact, be a Rhino-Rack.

Faded Imitation RL150 Leg

But, a rack is a rack, right? Not at all

Take a look at the comparison images. The non-Rhino-Rack leg and bar products are obvious in that they are unbranded, but otherwise, they are visually identical to our products. Additionally, these are being sold as kits with a replicated version of our aluminium HD profile cross bars. These imitation products have been observed to quickly become washed out and grey as the local conditions take hold. They are obviously not up to our conditions, and to our knowledge neither do they undergo the same testing standards as ours - so their load rating and performance cannot be effectively claimed or verified. They also lack the range of attachment methods so fitments to some vehicles may be compromised.

Real vs fake RL150 leg

real vs imitation end cap

Now let’s take a look at Rhino-Rack’s roof rack systems

Rhino-Rack roof racks have been designed and manufactured in Australia for over 25 years. Only the highest quality components are used, and strictest specifications followed. This means ensuring our products are not only tested to meet the AS1235:2000 standard – but survive being exposed by our engineers to the harsh environmental conditions and extremes that Australia and New Zealand are known for. Our products feature a wide variety of attachment methods, each of which is meticulously crafted based on our understanding of individual vehicles and the likely use scenarios for owners of each type of vehicle. This dedicated approach ensures every roof rack system we release offers market leading performance with superior construction, best in class load ratings, and ease of installation.

RL150 HD

Safety is our primary concern and without a high quality, reliable product, you risk damage to your vehicle and gear, or even worse – injury to yourself and others. Rhino-Rack stands by its products in this regard – so much so that we offer a generous lifetime warranty across our entire range of roof rack bars.

Some quick history

the Rhino-Rack RL150 glass reinforced nylon leg was created over 25 years ago as a replacement for the steel fabricated legs being used at the time. Over the years the light yet strong design principles used for that leg has become part of Rhino-Rack’s signature and has, in the ensuing years seen our products carry gear of all sorts; trouble free and over many millions of km’s both in Australia and within New Zealand. Imitation products, on the other hand, are only now attempting to recreate this success with clearly questionable results.

So to avoid disappointment and ensure you are purchasing a high-quality product that will provide years of safe, reliable use – play it safe and purchase from any of Rhino-Rack’s authorised dealers nationwide.

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