How to Choose a Fishing Rod Holder

  • 09 May 2019
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How do you choose a fishing rod carrier? If you’ve asked this, we are here to help. All the fishing rod carriers  are have multiple uses making them handy accessories to have. If you are also into snow sports a clamp style may best suit you, if you’re a tradie you may be interested in our Conduit Carriers. If you enjoy kayaking or paddle boarding, then you might prefer the Multi-Purpose Carrier. Check out the pros and cons below.

Multi-Purpose Holder

Multi-purposeThe Multi-Purpose Holder will allow you to safely transport fishing rods and other items such as paddles, skis, spades, and shovels. They are compatible with most roof racks and compact allowing space on your racks for other gear. The holder is the lightest option allowing for maximum carrying capacity. It’s affordable and straightforward with multiple uses however doesn’t have any locking capabilities, lacking the security other holders provide.

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Clamp Rod Carriers

The clamp style carriers rubber pads feature channels to hold your rods in place and keep them apart, so they don’t get damaged or tangled. The arm features a locking mechanism for both safety when driving and security if you have to leave your vehicle unattended. These holders also double as ski racks in winter, with multiple sizes to choose from. The Fishing Rod Holder (572) can be mounted to Pioneer systems using the Pioneer Fishing Rod Holder Bracket to increase the space available for other gear.

Clamp style carrier Note: 572 features the channels and fits the Pioneer Fishing Rod Holder Bracket.

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Conduit Carriers

Conduit CarrierConduits carriers are a great way to hold your fishing rods securely. They’re fully enclosed, so your rods are safe from damage especially if your destination requires going off-road. With the locking end caps, no one will be able to meddle with your gear. The only downside is you may need to remove the fishing reel so it will fit.

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