Customer Review - Paul from Auckland
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Customer Review - Paul from Auckland

  • 20 June 2018
  • Rhino-Rack
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Towards the end of last year, the wife and I decided to upgrade our fishing kayaks to a whole new level of adventure. This also included researching and determining the best way to carry a kayak on one specific ute and then to carry 2 kayaks on another ute. The investment in the new kayaks meant that I really needed to spend the time looking at all available carrying systems for both scenario’s and during this continually kept on coming back to the Rhino range. I believe you pay a fair price in comparison to other makes; the best thing about Rhino products are the security features, ease of set up and transfer of components between the roof racks to each ute.

loaded ute

The Holden VF single cab ute has the Rhino T-loader over the tow ball mount, I swapped out the Vortex bar to 1260mm complete with the Vortex front bar (1260mm) and 1 x 580 side loading kayak carrier (c-groove). The 4100mm kayak sits securely and looks great on the ute. As the ute naturally sits low makes it a breeze to mount and dismount the kayak with no fuss. No bow or stern tie downs are needed as the lashing points cover off this off when you secure down to the bars.

T-loaded kayak

The Holden LTZ double cab ute, has 2 x 1500mm Vortex bars with 1 x 580 side loading kayak carrier (c-groove), for extra security when lashing down the underside tie down points were included. I wanted the kayaks to both sit flat and side-by-side to compensate for the minimum of physical forces when travelling. We use this carrying system for our big fishing trips away together, even better is that I can add the Rhino T-loader and the kayak carrier from the VF to the LTZ. To secure off the bow and stern I went with quick draw ratchets. A bonus discovery I found was where the carriers sit on the bars means I can turn both inwards carriers in and I can single load with the T-loader directly onto the centre – no carrier adjustment is needed when the wife wants a day off fishing.

Kayak cabin loaded

We recently took the LTZ to the East Cape, Bay of Plenty, for a week’s solid fishing leaving from Auckland. In typical weather fashion the trip to the BOP was met with terrible winds and rain, of note was the kayaks (both 4100mm in length) didn’t move and the carrying system itself performed well above average in my books (I’m fussy and particular in all my equipment, it just needs to perform to a certain standard). I pushed it along the East Coast route in these weather conditions to my own satisfaction and was very pleasantly surprised. No more worrying for me when on long trips away now – this is a deal breaker for anyone carrying all that investment up top.

vehicle setup

Both these complete carrying systems are also temporarily mounted, means that I can remove it when not in use to prolong life from the elements.

In short, we had previously used a workshop custom made rack system using 25mm galv pipe, essentially a cage that sits in the rear of the LTZ, it took approx. 30min to set it up then another 30min to mount the kayaks – always a 2 person fit in doing this.

These days it takes 3-5min to fit the roof racks, then another 5-10min to mount the kayaks, absolute breeze and means more time is now spent fishing with both versatile systems.

Many thanks, Rhino Rack and stay salty.

Holden Ute with Nice Racks

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