Rhino-Rack's Top Holiday Road Trip Tips!

  • 20 December 2017
  • Rhino-Rack
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Prior to travelling this holiday season take some time to ensure your trip will be comfortable and safe! Here we've compiled a few tips to get you safely to your relatives.

road trip with roof box

Check your vehicle – You don’t want to make an embarrassing phone call because your spare tyre was flat. Here are some vehicle checks so you’re less likely to break down.

  • Check the tyres for tread and pressure including the spare.
  • Check your vehicles fluid levels including, brake, water, coolant and oil.
  • Check lights are all working including hazards, indicators, breaks, low and high beams.
  • Check your windscreen wipers and horn.
  • Most importantly check the radio works and that you’ve packed your car phone charger.

Prepare for emergencies – Murphy's Law says "anything that can go wrong and will go wrong". If you don’t pack safety gear you’ll break down for sure, if you pack for something to go wrong it's less likely to occur. So, check you’ve got the tools to change a tyre, a small first aid kit, bottle of water, torch, vehicle manual and if it’s long distance with scarce petrol stations some spare fuel.

Start fresh – Have a good sleep the night before and if you're leaving early pack the car the day before. It won’t be a pleasant trip if all you want to do is sleep.

pack a vehicle diagram

Pack with safety in mind – Visibility is important not only is it illegal to obstruct the driver’s vision it can make the trip more stressful. Don’t pack items above the windows and make sure you can see out the rear window. Secure any loose items, so they don’t hit you or your passengers if you need to stop suddenly. You can always put larger items and luggage bags in a roof box, basket or luggage bag on your roof racks.


Rest stops – One of the best things about road trips is soaking up the atmosphere and checking the sights on the way up. Plan to stop and check out the sights this beautiful country has to offer! It’s not like the opportunity is always there.

sight seeing

Research – know where you are going, don’t just rely on technology to tell you where to turn. Have a look at the places you’ll go by so if your tech fails you’ll still make it to your destination. Check the weather reports, road closures and keep an eye on traffic updates. Pack snacks and drinks (but save the alcohol for the destination). Keep your fluids and sugars up.

Entertainment – Make sure you have music, pod casts and/or a working radio to break the monotony. You don’t want to be on a 4-hour drive and only have one album with 6 songs to listen to.

Most important - Don't rush, it's a holiday, relax and enjoy the journey. Drive like you know each other and be courteous to all road users!


  Got any road trip tips? Send them to us or comment below.

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