Kiwi in Aus: Peter Travels to Arnhem Land
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Kiwi in Aus: Peter Travels to Arnhem Land

  • 01 June 2017
  • Rhino-Rack NZ
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Rhino-Rack Southern Region Sales Manager Peter Baucke recently travelled to Australia. This trip preceded the arrival of some lucky Rhino-Rack customers ready to be pampered and catch fish while enjoying the top end of Australia. Peter flew into Darwin from New Zealand and drove to the camp site at Wiligi. Wiligi, located in Arnham Land in the Northern Territory is home to many great fishing locations and lots of crocodiles. Peter tells us about his time in Aus and the bush food 


Rhino-Rack: Tell us a bit about you and why you were there?

Peter: I am the Southern Regional Sales Manager for New Zealand and I was enlisted on the trip to aid and assist the setup team ahead of the first group of customers. Our tasks involved, amongst other things, setting up of the base camp, and scouting and plotting the fishing spots to be ready for the initial and ongoing customer groups. My camp job while there was that of 'The Iceman'. To ensure there was always a plentiful supply of ice on board for the cooling of the important daily Esky needs, there should be no such thing as warm beer.

Hilux and Colorado
Rhino-Rack: How many fish did you catch?

Peter: I caught several fish over the course of the week. The first, a GT of probably average size was caught off the boat and was really quite exciting as I must say I'm not an active fisherman by any stretch. We caught a few of these over the first day or two along with several other varieties. Further on we would start catching the wide tail tuna which were great and very rewarding to land. Once they became a fairly common catch we would begin to catch and release. This was almost as great an experience as the catch itself.

catch of he day
Rhino-Rack: What was your most memorable catch from the trip? 

Peter: My most memorable catch would have to have been my Barramundi. Did I mention it was the first and only one of our week? While it's not the biggest it will always be the first of the trip. This was caught after only two casts off the rocks very near the campsite. 

catch of he day

Rhino-Rack: How would you describe the area? 

Peter: The landscape was simply stunning, in a very different way to that in NZ. The terrain was just so typically Australian, harsh and absolutely immense and the sunsets were just amazing - every night.

I was also very fortunate to be able to participate in part of the drive in from Darwin, which was a highlight on its own, experiencing and driving the dusty corrugated roads and water crossings were just fantastic. Additionally, the charter flight out from the bush airfield in a small plane at the end of the week was just as rewarding. Being able to see from the air just how remote we were was simply breathtaking.

Birds eye view from the plane

water crossing 
What Rhino-Rack products did you use while you were there? 

Peter: We made use of the Sunseeker 2.5m Awning while driving in when we stopped for lunch. I slept in a Base Tent 2500, on a swag mattress which was very pleasant and comfortable. The Pioneer Systems proved invaluable for carrying an array of gear on the trip up and also afterwards when transporting firewood to the campsite preventing possible interior damage. The Rhino Camping Chairs were also very comfortable around the campfire.

Colorado packing wood
Rhino-Rack: Can you say anything about the new products?

Peter: No, Unfortunatly I’ve been sworn to secrecy until they’ve been through all the product testing, but there look to be some good quality products in the works. All of which made life out bush easier, you’ll want to keep an eye on the Facebook page for their anouncement. 

Colorado packed

Rhino-Rack: What did you think of the catering? 

Peter: Most nights we ate what we caught, though there were are few assorted types of meat barbequed to break up the week. The Barramundi I caught made it as a part of that evening's meal, prepared as Rich's (Company Owner) famous Banana, Barramundi and Cheese dish. Very interesting. We also had some of the much talked of mud crabs on the menu that particular night and dined like kings. While not a great beer by NZ standards (Peter says jokingly), I thought the local drop, the Great Northern Brewing Company Lager, was a very fine substitute. 

Rhino-Rack: Is there anything else you’d like to mention?

The weather was brilliant but took a bit of getting used to. Once acclimatised over the first day or so I found it was very pleasant. The fishing shirts we were provided were just the thing for sun protection and perfect for staying cool in the 30-degree heat. 

This was most certainly a trip of a lifetime and a real adventure as there was always the chance of seeing something I've not seen or experienced before (and I did both). Topped off with a really great bunch of work MATES I had a really fantastic time. I feel privileged to have been a part of this adventure.

sunset fishing

We want to post stories taken directly from Rhino-Rack Customers. Adventurers who want to share their explorations around New Zealand and the world. If you'd like to get involved please message us through Facebook.

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