Braden Wins First Ironman
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Braden brings home his first IRONMAN

  • 08 March 2017
  • Rhino-Rack
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race set up 
The Iron Man is as iconic as it gets for extreme multisport athletes. As one of the most recognised events even amongst the general populous, this gruelling test of mind and body always stands out as a milestone in the sporting calendar.

Taupō, made famous as the scenic setting for The Lord of the Rings trilogy, was home to the 2017 IRONMAN New Zealand. Covering a distance of 226km, the race involved  a 3.8km swim in Lake Taupō, a 180km bike up Broadlands Road and a 42.2km run along Lake Terrence. This year Braden Curry - competing in his first Ironman was up against 2016 defending champion, Cameron Brown.

Swim start

After winning the Red Bull Defiance in January and placing 2nd in the NZ coast to coast just weeks prior, Braden was pumped for the IRONMAN challenge. His training focused on cycling endurance for the 180km ride with some swims to get back into the game as his previous two races featured kayaking. His training hasn’t been exactly textbook in the lead up to the event with the other endurance competitions in such close succession. Undeterred, Braden told RedBull “I’ve found in the past textbook lead ups don’t often work for me anyway”.

180km Cycle

Being a multi-sport athlete Braden normally races off-road through difficult terrain while IRONMAN is all on track and road. Braden stated to RedBull “IRONMAN is a distance I’ve always wanted to race”. He explained, “I think with IRONMAN, the ability to stay strong in the last 10kms of the run and keep focused on the task until the end will be the hardest part of this race for me.” This was certainly a tough challenge with 27 professional athletes in the race.

Marathon run

Despite strong winds against them, the race started strong with Braden finishing the swim ahead of Cameron and only 3 seconds behind Terenzo. Terenzo widened the gap between them in the 180km cycle and went into the final run looking solid. Incredibly, only 10km into the run, Braden passed Terenzo, with Cameron and Cyril passing Terenzo not long after trying to close the gap. Cameron ran his fastest New Zealand IRONMAN Marathon though it wasn’t enough to catch the lead Braden had set for himself in the earlier stages. Braden crossed the finish line in first place and in doing so also crossed off another accomplishment in a growing list of achievements.

4th March 2017 Taupō, New Zealand



3.8KM Swim

180KM Bike

42.2KM Run


Braden Currie

1st (NZL)





Cameron Brown

2nd (NZL)





Cyril Viennot

3rd (FRA)





Table data from

"Cam is a legend. He is so amazing, strong, repetitive and consistent and never gives up." - Braden

Finish Line

“The swim was a struggle. It was the hardest swim here in 19 years,” - Cameron


“To win is amazing and I never expected it. I came here to figure out how to race it for next year and I am not sure if I will be able to race as well as today,” - Braden


Braden has been racing in multiple types of multi-sport events over the years to find what his career focus should be. He has previously his desire to compete in an IRONMAN at least once to know if he’s got what it takes, which he certainly proved he does. This win automatically qualifies him for the 2017 IRONMAN World Championships in Kailua-Kona, Hawaii and Rhino-Rack will be cheering him on all the way.  

Images supplied by Roy Schott Photograph.
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